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Building Trust and Delivering Success

There’s no denying that the view from the 22nd floor of a high-rise office tower is an impressive one. However, when your business is all about providing optimal asset management services to large-scale retail and commercial properties, maximising efficiency across that business takes priority over a stunning view.

This was the situation that faced Precision Group, one of Australia’s most successful private commercial property investment and management companies. A company like this does not celebrate 25 years of growth and success in turning around struggling assets unless it has identified every way possible to run its business with maximum efficiency – and in an increasingly fast-paced and connected business world, identifying technologies that help a company stay ahead of the curve is crucial to ongoing success.

Such was the challenge for National Facilities Manager for Precision Group, Scott Harvey, who found a time-saving solution in a simple, yet smart piece of technology from Forsite.


Contractor Check in

A vital part of Precision Group’s business operations is its contractors, on whom they rely to carry out the inspection work required across their eleven commercial property assets, some of which, like the Port Adelaide Plaza shopping centre, span over 29,500 square meters in floorspace.

Ensuring all contractors were signed in and accounted for was becoming a laborious and time-inefficient task in many instances, including some cases where contractors had to travel all the way up to the 22nd floor of an office building just to sign in to do their job.

While these contractors may have enjoyed the view up there, it was clear that Precision Group needed a much simpler and more effective solution to enable them to manage contractors throughout their commercial property portfolio.


App check in

With a name like ‘Precision Group’, any piece of technology we work with needs to perform with an equal level of precision,” says Elese Deakin; “Personally, I am a bit of a technophobe, but when it comes to the health and safety of our contractors, there is no room for error.”

Elese, as a key member of Scott’s team, found the technology she was looking for in Forsite’s smartphone app and site management solution, which pairs with sensor technology to automatically detect authorised contractors arriving on-site and allowing them to check in while also providing up-to-date hazard data about the site and job they’re undertaking.

Reduced contractor downtime

Since successfully implementing the Forsite solution, Elese says Precision Group’s contractors are finding it easy to use, and as a result have reduced their downtime significantly.

“Before we were using the Forsite solution, it was frustrating to know our contractors often had to travel up to the 22nd floor of a building to sign in, as it wasted so much of their time,” she says.

“Now, thanks to the app, the process has become seamless. I know our contractors are on site, safe and compliant as soon as they enter the building, and within 20 seconds they can access the full hazard register.

“Working with Forsite has been great! The support they offer us and our service providers has been invaluable, and will enable us to continue to improve efficiencies across our portfolio for the continued success of Precision Group.”



Beginning in 1994 as a small investment and redevelopment property business, focused on finding distressed asset opportunities that could be turned around, the company today manages an impressive portfolio of retail, commercial and hospitality properties across Australia and New Zealand with a combined asset value of over $1 billion.

With a name like ‘Precision Group’, any piece of technology we work with needs to perform with an equal level of precision.

Elese Deakin, Precision Properties

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