Remote management. Greater visibility with the contractor Timeline.

Manage your health & safety compliance remotely.

Full visibility of your sites activity

Ensuring all required personnel comply with your health and safety procedures is difficult to manage. Manage your sites compliance levels with Forsite’s timeline. Monitor who is on your sites and what their compliance status is.

Remote site management – Manage all of your sites and monitor activity from anywhere.

Total visibility – Monitor contractor compliance and know their induction status at a glance.

Monitor high risk areas – View contractor activity in areas of high-risk, keeping you and your contractors safe at all times.

Live timeline feed

Monitor your on-site activity and watch your team arrive

High risk zones

Monitor plant rooms, roof access points and more.

No portfolio limit

Manage any number of your sites from anywhere.

Watch your team arrive

Forsite’s contractor timeline displays real-time events as they happen on-site.

The timeline’s easy colour coding represents the induction and check-in status of your on-site workers, allowing you to manage Health and Safety compliance across your entire portfolio remotely.

Instantly know when contractors are onsite and not inducted, as the Forsite portal highlights red compliance risks.

Hazard acknowledgement

Rest easy knowing that Forsite has you covered, recording when contractors are acknowledging their hazard registers in the app. The timeline provides you with a clear timestamp of when a contractor has viewed and accepted the onsite hazards.

High Risk Sensors

Forsite’s sensor technology watches over your High Risk Zones such as Plant Rooms and Roof Access points. Record who may be working in areas of high risk, and know who was in the area if an incident occurs. Keep an eye on any workers who may be in areas without a permit.

Forsite provides you all of this from one centralised portal, giving you peace of mind that you don;’t have to be onsite 24/7 to protect the well-being of your onsite workers.

Learn more about the contractor timeline

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