Drowning in paperwork? Digitise your inductions with Forsite.

No more waiting in line, no more piles of paper.

Why should you digitise?

Ensuring all required personnel comply with your health and safety procedures is difficult to manage. Conducting and manually recording inductions is time-consuming and has the potential for people to fall through the gaps.

Reduce compliance workload – Eliminate paper processing, duplicated work and on-site visits from your compliance workload. 
Total visibility – Recieve escalations for any user at your sites with an expired or no induction. 
Proof of compliance – Utilise accurate on-site data to validate supplier invoicing.


Allow users to complete required inductions before they arrive on-site.

Customise content

Add any required images, videos, questions, signatures or text to your induction to ensure everyone is properly briefed.

Approval workflows

Make sure that your process is met with smart approval workflows via email.  

Prompt users to complete an induction

Remove human opt-in from your health and safety process. Forsite identifies users as they arrive on-site, then prompts them to complete any required inductions.

Be confident in your compliance records

Gain both real-time and historical visibility of any user on your sites without valid induction.

Access compliance records within seconds in case of an audit or incident.

Comprehensive, not time consuming

Our technology means no waiting in induction kiosks, no paperwork, no staff called out after hours to perform inductions and no compromises in worker safety.

On average Forsite saves 30min of admin time per induction.  

Learn more about digital inductions

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