Sick of long lines and bottlenecks? Check-in from anywhere on-site.

Smoother health and safety processes with mobile check-in.

Digitise your check-in process

Streamline your check-in process and give your contractors the ability to check-in and induct from anywhere on-site. Let Forsite handle check-ins while you worry about more important tasks.

Check-in promptsForsite identifies users arriving on-site and prompts them to check in/out without any human interaction.

Remove bottlenecks – No more waiting queues at site entry points when you can check-in anywhere on-site.

Presence detection РUtilise accurate on-site data to validate supplier invoicing.

Flexible presence detection

Utilise sensor and geolocation technology to configure the right level of presence detection for your sites.

Mobile registration 

Users can self-register to their company through the Forsite app, and add a photo.


Allow users to complete required inductions before they arrive on-site.

Automatic presence detection

Prompt your contractors to check-in on arrival to a site. No need for manual reminders when Forsite can do the work for you.

Streamlined check-in process

Simplify your Health and Safety processes and make check-ins possible anywhere on site. Seamlessly integrate your inductions and hazard registry into your daily check-in with the Forsite app.

Streamlined check-in process

Configure your Health and Safety processes and make check-ins as easy as possible anywhere on site. Seamlessly integrate your inductions, hazard registry and more into your daily check-in.

Automatically check out

No need to worry about checking out, as Forsite will automatically check contractors out once they leave the site.


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