Accident-prone workers? Build safer sites with streamlined risk management.

Manage, record & review risk events remotely

Embrace proactive safety management

Shifting the focus from just hazard management to effective risk and incident reporting can pave the way for proactive safety measures. By capturing risks early, the need for intensive incident management is drastically reduced. Stay ahead of ever-evolving site risks through an integrated approach.

Anticipate and Mitigate – The best way to manage an incident is to prevent it. Ensure everyone is updated with live risk events as they check-in.

Efficient Management – Seamlessly triage, review, and manage reported risks and incidents with minimal effort.

Streamlined Compliance – Move away from traditional methods like paperwork and on-site visits to a more digital and efficient risk management process.

Versatile Input

Whether it’s a contractor on-site or an admin off-site, enable everyone to report risk events either through the app or the portal.

Visual Evidence

Enhance clarity by allowing users to attach photos when flagging risks, making them easily identifiable.

Real-time Status Updates

Display only the active risk events to users, ensuring relevancy and timeliness.

Raise new risk events from within the app

The Forsite app empowers contractors to immediately flag new risk events. Beyond just reporting, they can add photos and provide in-depth descriptions, ensuring clarity. Plus, contractors can flag these risks based on their severity for effective management

Prioritise daily hazard awareness

It’s paramount that all contractors acknowledge the site hazard register upon check-in through the app. This guarantees that every site visitor is both compliant and aware of the present safety risks.

For heightened safety consciousness, prioritise new and high-severity hazards in your safety register, ensuring they’re always front and centre.


Seamless integration with hazard registers

When a risk event, be it an Incident, Near-Miss, Hazard, or Health and Safety concern, is reported, it should be easy to update the hazard register.

Forsite allows you to do that with just a click of a button. Not only does this ensure that your contractors acknowledge these updates upon check-in, but it also streamlines the process of keeping everyone informed about the current safety landscape of the site.

Learn more about Forsite’s risk management

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