We make it easy to keep people safer

Transform your health and safety management with a solution that provides unparalleled visibility and smart automation to keep people safe everywhere. 

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A proactive solution to improve safety for your people no matter were they are.

Using mobile device geolocation technology and proprietary algorithms, Geoplus provides location visibility and smart automation for health and safety management.  


Unparalleled visibility and health and safety automation for sites.

Geolocation, sensors and Forsite’s proprietary algorithms provide enhanced safety and improved compliance while reducing your workload.

Who we help 

Property managers

Deliver compliance and easy site management across your portfolio.

Field workers

Easily monitor and manage your people’s safety in the field. 

Health and safety managers

Compliance made manageable to keep your people safer. 


Automate on site health and safety to keep your workforce safer.

Why Forsite?

Reduce risk

Ensure all contractors are safe and compliant creating awareness of site rules, hazards, and regulations.

Improve operational visibility

Gain a comprehensive and live summary of site activity without leaving your desk or home.  

Improve efficiency

Reduce paperwork and increase productivity by digitising inductions to save time and cost. 

Protect lone workers

Get early warnings of lone worker incidents through email alerts. 

Digitise inductions

Save time by enabling inductions 24/7 from users phones.

Manage permits

Remotely manage and automate the permit process saving hours of manual processing. 


We’re here to help. Take proactive steps to operate safely with Forsite.

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Geo³ solution

See Forsite in acton

Our Geo³ solution really transforms contractor compliance. Never before has 100% visibility and compliance been so easy.

Take a look at how this solution can impact your business in our walkthrough video.

Hear what our clients say

“We are always keen to embrace and adopt technology that adds real value to our company, and Forsite’s solution has really helped us move forward with our digital transformation.”

Linda Hulse

Hitchcocks Real Estate

“With Forsite we now have a system that can provide absolute accountability for our contractors through an exact record of arrival and departure times, as well as an automatic process for communication and compliance, which saves them and us time and effort.”

Thomas Webster

Facilities Manager, Mason Partners

“In an industry where Health & Safety is critical, we need systems that provide accuracy, visibility and compliance. Forsite has ticked all these boxes within an easy to use system.”

Joe Howcroft

Off The Ledge Abseil Solutions

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