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Key Features

Contractor Timeline

Monitor your onsite site activity. Check your contractor’s induction and check-in status at a glance.

Mobile Check-in

Our Auto Presence Detection system identifies users onsite and prompts them to check in/out without any human interaction.

Digitised Inductions

Inductions are centrally managed and automatically deployed to a user’s phone upon gaining site access.

Document Management

Digitised permits and documents sent directly to your staff or external contractor’s mobile phones on arrival. 

Tasks and Work Orders

Easily monitor and raise tasks for contractors to pick up onsite. Enable your users to add a work order number when checking in.

Risk Management

Enable users to capture incidents and hazards with photo evidence directly from the app. Review and manage risks from the portal.

Additional Features

Forsite uses a powerful combination of features designed to make your life easier. If you want to learn more about our features, reach out to support or get a demo.

In App Support

Reaching out for help is easy with our in app customer support. Users can access FAQ’s, give feedback or ask a question through live chat.

Lone Worker Protection

Managers can receive early notification warnings via email, or view live portal escalations when people are overdue for checkout.

Easy Implementation

Installing Forsite across your organisation is easy, with quick installation and our talented support assisting with onboarding. 

Site Evacuation

In case of emergency, managers are able to send out evacuation alerts to users, overriding sound settings on phones.

High Risk Images

Add an image of high risk objects or prohibited activities to remind your people of them at every check in.

Register Me

Users can self-register to their company through the Forsite app, and add a photo.

This allows site managers to put a face to the name of the people onsite.

Online Management Portal

Intuitive view of who is onsite, including users compliance status. Enabling remote compliance management.

High Risk Zones

Gain live visibility of high risk area’s on site by implementing subzone sensors.

Giving your team the specific and live location data it needs across large sites. 

Procore Integration

Designed to improve site efficiency and safety for Site Managers using Procore.

Our integration brings the value of Forsite’s accurate onsite attendance data and safety functionality to Procore customers. 

Learn more about features

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