Providing value for property managers and contractors

Prompted check-in

Our automated proof of presence system ensures that all contractors are identified on site and prompts them to check-in/out without any human interaction.

Permit management

Digitised permits sent directly to your staff or contractor’s mobile phones on arrival. Request and approval workflows enable easy permit management. 

Digitised inductions

Inductions are centrally managed and automatically deployed to contractors phones. Save hours of admin time for all parties.

Lone worker protection

Site admins can receive early notification warnings via email, or view live portal escalations when people are overdue for checkout. Peace of mind for both managers and workers in lone situations.

Online management portal

Intuitive view of who is on-site, including contractor’s compliance status. Enabling remote compliance management.

Site evacuation

In case of emergency site admins are able to send out evacuation alerts to all contractors, over riding sound settings on phones.

Attendance record

View and download time on site. See records of every contractor who has checked in and out plus their total time at your sites.

Register me

Users can self-register to their company through the Forsite app, and add a photo. This allows site managers to put a face to the name of the contractor on site.

In app support

Reaching out for help is easy with our in app customer support. Users can access FAQ’s, give feedback or ask a question through live chat.

High risk images

Add an image of high risk objects or prohibited activities to remind your contractors of them at every check-in.

Live escalation

Service providers, then site admins receive alerts when a contractor does not sign in, does not have a current induction or fails to extend time.

Site subzones

Gain live visibility of high risk area’s on site by implementing subzone sensors. Giving your team the specific and live location data it needs across large sites. 

Easy implementation

Installing Forsite across your portfolio is easy, with quick installation and our talented support assisting with onboarding. 

See Forsite in acton

Our Geo³ solution really transforms contractor compliance. Never before has 100% visibility and automated compliance been so easy.

Take a look at how this solution can impact your business in our walkthrough video.

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