Permit applications taking too long? Try Forsite’s Document management.

Permits, site maps and more at the click of a button.

Manage your H&S documents

Make important Health and Safety information available to your contractors by uploading directly into Forsite’s Documents. Send permits, audit and investigation forms directly to your staff or contractor’s mobile phones.

24/7 Availability – Access important site information from your mobile device at any time.

Improve efficiency – Eliminate excessive paperwork from your permits and other processes.

Rapid reactions – Ensure your staff have incident reports and permit forms available at the click of a button.

Streamlined processes

Record, digitise and upload your contractor’s paperwork, eliminating onsite bottlenecks and saving hours of admin time.

Standardised templates

As well as building custom solutions, Forsite offers a range of standardised work permits for Site Admins to upload within seconds.

Approval workflows

Make sure that your process is met with smart approval workflows via email.

Site Documents

Give workers the chance to review floor plans and critical site maps ahead of starting their work onsite

Contractors can access critical Health and Safety information from within their “Site Documents” section in the app. Upload Floor plans, Asbestos reports and more in order to improve your on-site communication and eliminate safety compliance risks.


Provide contractors with the ability to request and access permits from their mobile device.

Forsite removes paperwork and wait times from the equation, as Admins can upload standard or customised permits directly into a contractor’s phone from within the Forsite Permits tab.

Incident and Investigation forms

Improve response times within your health and safety process.

Forsite can make incident report forms available to users as they arrive on-site, allowing contractors to immediately report and record incidents on the spot.

Learn more about H&S document management

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