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Powerful onsite visibility and automation improves efficiency and compliance.


Managing over $3.0b in assets, across 200 clients, is an intensive workload for the Facilities Management team at Precinct. The mixed-use nature of their sites (retail and office) brings added complexity and the requirement to manage a range of jobs from general maintenance to fit out and development projects at the same time.  It is not uncommon to have in excess of 20 contractors, from more than 300 preferred suppliers, in some buildings each day.

Managing this workload using manual processes was a logistical headache and created an over-reliance on human contact, paperwork, emails and calls. This drove operational inefficiencies and inevitable gaps in health and safety compliance.


After reviewing their onsite health and safety process for suppliers, the team at Precinct selected Forsite to solve their problems. Forsite’s automated presence detection gives the Precinct team remote visibility of which suppliers are onsite at any time. Digitised Inductions and Hazard Management created a thorough and consistent health and safety process, that mitigated their risk, and dramatically reduced the admin time their team spent on compliance.

Any supplier that arrives to one of Forsite monitored Precinct buildings is automatically identified and prompted to check-in with the Forsite app. It takes just a few minutes to complete Precinct’s initial site induction, view any hazards and complete a Covid-19 screening form. This process saves their suppliers time allowing them to start the job faster. If any suppliers ignore their prompts to check-in their managers and the onsite concierge team receive an escalation notification so they can reach out to help them complete the process. This allows the Precinct team to focus their time on only the few that aren’t compliant.

Visibility of suppliers

A key criteria for Precinct was to get real-time visibility and records of when their suppliers are onsite. With Forsite, the team have complete visibility of their supplier network through onsite attendance logs and the live activity feed. As suppliers complete a check-in on the Forsite app their attendance is automatically logged within the Portal, creating an accurate “one version of the truth” record. Forsite provides its clients with a powerful tool when dealing with questions about completed works from their tenants. Through our portal clients can identify the contractor that was onsite in seconds, and get the response they need to answer any questions. The scale of work across Precinct’s properties is significant, so the efficiency gain through time saved has been valuable.

The team at Precinct are also starting to utilize the new Task Management functionality that allows them to raise works orders in Forsite for their suppliers to pick up onsite. This will give their team deeper visibility and data relating to job completion. Suppliers can select and close a task when finished as well as upload a photo for the Precinct team to view and refer back to if required.



Precinct Properties is New Zealand’s largest owner, developer, and manager of premium inner-city real estate in Auckland and Wellington. They create premium commercial spaces for some of the world’s leading brands. At the heart of their development ethos is a desire to create environments that empower and facilitate people to drive operational excellence.

“We have previously relied on physical stop gaps and human interaction to manage our suppliers onsite, this method unfortunately created gaps in compliance and record keeping. With Forsite, these gaps have been all but filled and has proven to be invaluable in follow-up, site interrogation and site supervision during our lockdowns in NZ”

Michael Mayhew, Precinct Properties FM

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