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Time saving success.

If you stopped to think about global companies that have existed for 130 years or more and the products and services they offer, you’d be forgiven for not immediately thinking of “linen and uniform rental services” at the top of that list. 

And yet, Alsco– founded in the US in 1889 by 15-year-old entrepreneur George A. Steiner, with a towel delivery route operating from the Lincoln Steam Laundry in Nebraska – has stood the test of time like few others. 

Over the last 130 years, Alsco has become a globally renowned businesses with operations in more than 170 locations around the world, including New Zealand where it provides convenient, cost-effective textile rental services to more than 27,000 Kiwi businesses.

Be it commercial linen, uniform rentals, floor mats, washroom hygiene and maintenance, Alsco handles every stage of the process for those businesses, from professional laundry services, through to workplace health and safety checks, across a wide range of industries. 

Scott Bason, Business Manager for Alsco’s Auckland operations, is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the company’s sizeable team to ensure they deliver on the Alsco guarantee – an unwavering commitment to providing businesses with flexible, convenient, cost-effective rental services. 

In Forsite, Bason saw an ideal piece of technology that would help his workers achieve compliance and safety while delivering their services, along with real-time visibility of daily activities. 

“As an organisation that believes in utmost efficiency, Forsite’s well-supported, cloud-hosted solution aligned perfectly with Alsco’s goal of ensuring our customers’ rental experience is smooth, seamless, and stress-free,” says Bason.

In his view, the results of Alsco’s initial 6-month roll-out of Forsite across its Auckland delivery network spoke for themselves – most notably for scalability, adaptability and traceability – with return on investment also a key benefit.

Scott estimates that Forsite’s highly efficient Induction Management functionality is saving his team upwards of 25 hours per month, which he equates to at least 500% ROI, month on month.

“Forsite’s system was not only easy for our people to use, it also saved us a significant amount of time and a pile of paperwork, which of course means we save money. What’s more, it gave us an opportunity to highlight our safety and efficiency practices, which we could use to promote ourselves to the wider market.” 

From this successful initial implementation, Bason says Alsco is now planning to roll-out Forsite’s solution nationwide, and possibly beyond.

“Alsco’s reputation for reliable, high-quality laundry and delivery services has allowed us to thrive as a company across five continents for 130 years. I’m looking forward to sharing the positive results we’ve achieved with Forsite in New Zealand to our global network and empowering us for the next hundred years of our business.” 

For more information on the full range of Alsco’s services in New Zealand, visit 

In fact, it’s highly likely that you will encounter some aspect of the services Alsco provides every day, without even realising it.

Any time you enter a restaurant, office, hotel, healthcare, retail, automotive or educational establishment, you’re probably meeting people and walking through spaces where Alsco provides a service that keeps workers protected and safe, and those areas clean and hygienic.

Of course, having persisted and prospered for 130 years is no guarantee that a company will have what it takes to continue for another century, so what is Alsco doing in New Zealand to remain competitive and move with the times? Answer: They are investing in the contractor management solutions provided by Forsite.

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