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Hitchcocks real estate limited

Efficiency through Forsite.

There’s a reason they call it the real estate business. With property, everything is tangible – from the bricks and mortar of the buildings themselves, to the physical presence and energy required of their human overseers to manage and maintain them.

Yet in an era when industries the world over are realising the potential that exists in a digital, cloud-based economy, the commercial real estate business risks being left behind if it does not also go on the journey of digital transformation.

One such business that is doing all it can to harness digital technology and so remain competitive is Hitchcocks, a boutique commercial real estate company that focuses on property management, leasing and consultancy.

Founded just over 20 years ago, Hitchcocks is a relatively small player in a market pool with some very big fish in it – so to stay ahead of the competition, they must always strive to maximise the efficiency of their processes, while still retaining the personal touch with clients – an important company value.

A key digital partner that Hitchcocks depends on is Forsite

“We are always keen to embrace and adopt technology that adds real value to our company, and Forsite’s solution has really helped us move forward with our digital transformation,” says Linda Hulse, Office Administrator for Hitchcocks.

Visibility and evidence of supplier performance

Linda finds it particularly helpful to receive Forsite’s monthly data report as it provides an instant overview of the solution’s usage and highlights any significant changes.

“Forsite’s portal provides evidence of which of our suppliers are performing most efficiently, and so guides us on where we should continue to build the strong relationships that will add value.”

As a part-time worker herself, Linda says she finds having a solution that enables remote access to information is critical for doing her job.

“I use the system every day, and keep it open on a second screen in front of me all the time. The escalations on Forsite’s portal are especially helpful for me to know when I need to quickly action a task.”

“All of us at Hitchcocks know that technology is what is going to help us remain competitive in the market, and with Forsite working with us, we are looking forward to a future where we will be able to do just that,” says Linda.

For more information on Forsite’s site management app or to request a demo:

Over the years we have worked hard to develop a highly coordinated team of service providers who will bring the personal touch to their work while maximising efficiency in managing our buildings. Forsite’s solution has greatly complemented our efforts in this regard

Linda Hulse, Office Administrator

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