Checking into a site

This walk through article demonstrates to contractors what a standard check in experience looks like. Including Inductions, Health & Safety registers, High risk documents.

Express Check-in



Forsite now allows contractors to ‘Check- in’ to a site or inform the site manager they are ‘Not Working’ without ever opening the App.


Site Selection



If you use the in-app check-in, Ensure that you have selected the correct site, and proceed to check-in




Demo Induction



First time on site? You will be prompted to complete a Site-specific Induction 




Additional Forms



Some sites have additional forms loaded for contractors to complete before checking in


Hazard Register



Most sites will have a Hazard Register that must be Acknowledged in the check-in experience


Work Orders



You may be expected to fill in a Work Order, Simply fill out the required fields with the details of the task being completed





You may be expected to select a task to complete, Select Next to view the details of the task.


Time Onsite



Working alone? Set your expected time on site, your Site Manager will be notified once you exceed this time.


Check Out



Forsite Automatically checks you out of site once you leave the location, However, ensure all tasks have been completed before leaving 


Task Review



If you selected a Task in the Check-in process, you will need to update its status. Select the applicable options before checking out


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