How to use the Forsite App

As a contractor, you’ll be utilising the Forsite App. In order to register an account, and learn about using the available features, follow our step-by-step guides below.

Registering as a Contractor

How to set yourself up as a contractor on the Forsite App.

Requesting Site Access

Need to enter a new site? Learn how to request site access.

Uploading a Vaccine Pass

Upload a vaccination pass directly into the Forsite App.


Learn how to accept and complete tasks.

Checking into a site

A complete step-by-step walk-through of checking in to site.

Reporting a Hazard

How to report on-site hazards from your mobile device.

Uploading Credentials

Upload permits, licenses, or documents into the Forsite App.

Work Orders

Learn how to complete and submit a work order.

Got questions or need help?

Contact us through the Forsite app's live chat, or email us directly at