Case Study

Total Plan Cleaning

Can Forsite’s software help take a business to the next level?

It sure can! Just ask Bhuvan Chander, General Manager of Total Plan Cleaning

Three years ago, Bhuvan took over the commercial cleaning company after it had been in business for 11 years. At that time, it had just one branch and a system for overseeing its workforce that was time-consuming and far from cost-effective. 

“In the old system, managers had to make in-person visits to the sites where staff were working and make random weekly checks to see how things were going. It took a long time and never gave us a full picture of what happening was on-site,” says Bhuvan. 

He realised very quickly that he needed a better system to manage the workforce – and he found it in the newly released app from Forsite, which had only been available for a few months. 

“As soon as our staff began using the Forsite app, we started to see great improvements in efficiencies,” says Bhuvan. 

“The beauty of it is that whenever a Total Plan team member arrives on a site, they simply log-in, then check-in, and we instantly have a picture of the situation. 

“If there are any issues, contractors can call and we can action a response immediately. – meaning we can save on all that administration and travel time.” 

Bhuvan says unequivocally that by using Forsite, his company has reduced its business costs: “Because it saves us time, it’s saving us money,” he says. 

And what about the staff experience? Bhuvan says staff love using it because it helps them do their job more effectively. 

“It’s such a simple, user-friendly app to use. They only need to press two or three buttons and they can get going.” 

Today, Total Plan Cleaning has 30 staff operating across two cities – Auckland and Tauranga – and plans are underway to open a third one in Hamilton

“Forsite really can help you grow your business,” says Bhuvan. “It’s certainly helped us expand, and thanks to it, we are looking to better growth in future.”


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