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Forsite acquires JobDone.

Digital health and safety provider Forsite is excited to announce the acquisition of JobDone as it continues to invest in expanding its current and future capabilities.

The synergies across product and technology will significantly enhance our opportunities to serve our customers and expand into new markets and industries in the future. We are also excited to retain an ongoing relationship with the founders of JobDone as valued shareholders.”

Greg Haddon, Chair of Forsite Limited.

JobDone is a digital business management solution that focusses on people, the work they do, health and safety compliance and workforce productivity. Its smart app and desktop platform were developed with primary industries in mind, but similar to Forsite its capabilities reach across a broad spectrum of customer needs. Learn more


Both Forsite and JobDone will continue to operate under separate brands while combining the strengths of both organisations to deliver exceptional customer support with an ongoing programme of product enhancement.


Forsite Limited is a provider of digital presence, health and safety and productivity solutions to the property, construction and primary industry sectors. Founded in New Zealand Forsite has grown to be a valued partner to clients predominantly located in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.



Nathan Cheeseman


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