Greater control.

Higher productivity.

Stronger communication.

Experience Forsite’s groundbreaking contractor Timeline, designed to redefine risk management. Gain instant insights into Induction compliance statuses, ensuring every individual onsite is operating safely. With Forsite, you’re not just managing risks — you’re staying a step ahead of them.

Our system meticulously evaluates, and reports on your contractor’s compliance status, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Keeping your contractors safe onsite at any time of the day.

With Forsite handling the day-to-day complexities, you’re free to allocate your precious time to other pivotal aspects of your business, confident that safety standards are upheld to the highest degree.


Forsite uses a powerful combination of features designed to make your life easier. If you want to learn more about our features, reach out for support or get a demo.

Digitised Inductions

Lose the paperwork and digitise your H&S processes with Forsite. Easily see who’s compliant onsite and who’s not.

Risk Management

Capture Hazards & Incidents Instantly. Respond to onsite threats and maintain a digital safety log with Forsite.

Presence Detection

Experience enhanced visibility with Forsite. Harness our sensor and geofence capabilities for complete onsite awareness.

Mobile Check-in

Check-in via the app from anywhere on site. Eliminate your bottlenecks and increase onsite productivity.

Configure your sites, your way

Forsite’s flexibility and configurability results in a powerful solution to your Health & Safety needs. Personalise your contractor’s on-site experience to deliver the maximum value to your team.

Who we help

Forsite services a range of industries, helping clients across all sectors with their Health and Safety compliance processes.

GKL Group

“Before Forsite, we were delivering inductions in person, wasting up to 2 hours a day of our site manager’s valuable time. We chose Forsite because we loved the automation element so our contractors don’t need to remember to do anything. They’re prompted to sign in when they arrive and they have to complete their induction to sign in. We can easily keep them updated on the site risks using the Hazards feature, meaning our sites are safer all round.”

– James Brackenbury, Director

Bayleys Tauranga

“The user-friendly nature of Forsite simplifies the entire contractor management process. This convenience does not stop at our contractors; it extends to our internal processes as well, providing us with real-time, actionable insights and reducing the effort required to maintain compliance across our portfolio.

What sets Forsite apart from other platforms, is our involvement in the product development journey. As a client, we feel genuinely connected to this journey, ensuring that every new enhancement instantly delivers value. These enhancements, which seem to arrive monthly, continue to inspire confidence and keep us actively engaged with the platform.”

– Kate Barlow, Facilities Manager

Mason Partners

“With Forsite we now have a system that can provide absolute accountability for our contractors through an exact record of arrival and departure times, as well as an automatic process for communication and compliance, which saves them and us time and effort.”

– Thomas Webster, Facilities Manager

Unsure where to start when selecting your site H&S solution?

Every site is different, so we’ve created this document to help you understand what might work best at your sites. It includes all the technologies (including paper) to help you easily review the options.

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