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Scott Mckenzie

Director & Co-Founder

With over two decades in business and 10 years specialising in… Read more

Greg Haddon


As a Senior Partner and Head of the Deloitte New Zealand financial… Read more

Jason Kilgour


Jason is a highly experienced, successful and well… Read more

Wayne Beilby


With over 15 years’ experience in the financial services… Read more


Nathan Cheeseman


Nathan brings valuable regional and global experience… Read more

Sarah Yock

Head of Product

Sarah is a talented technical lead and a founding member of the… Read more

Stefanie Kouch

Customer Success Manager

Stefanie loves working with our customers and brings endless… Read more

Alex Thirlwell

UK Customer Success Manager

Alex has extensive experience in SaaS customer success… Read more

Naomi Stewart Hale

Commercial Manager

Naomi is our specialist in the construction sector and an integral part… Read more

Angus Macdonald

Marketing Executive

Angus is a passionate member of the Forsite team. His role as… Read more

Technology vs Talking

It's no secret that the advent of Covid has accelerated the rise of technology in construction. Processes that were previously completed manually, in person, in groups, on paper have rapidly moved to the digital sphere, in a bid to save time and reduce risk.  ...

The keys to evaluate a software ROI

What is a typical Software ROI? Many B2B software packages promise 200%+ ROI’s. But what does this actually mean? It means that for every £1 spent the client will either save or earn £2. For most businesses this will be a driver in establishing the business case for...

3 Reasons why ‘the office’ isn’t dead

In the face of the current narrative proclaiming the ‘death of the office’, there are three reasons why we believe ‘the office’ will survive long past Covid-19. The narrative is all around us and for periods of 2020 I wouldn’t blame you for thinking it might be true....

3 things that should keep property managers awake at night

Every management role comes with its own unique set of challenges and frustrations, which can sometimes be distressing enough to deprive even the best manager of a good night’s sleep. Property management is no exception to this. With the many variables that can...