Over the last couple of months the Forsite team has been very busy working on and testing our new feature, ‘Induct Me’. This feature when enabled for a site, will require that users complete a site specific induction prior to check in.

This feature is wrapped up in our new improved version 2.0 of the Forsite app, which will look slightly different for users. The key feature of this update will be that Forsite can now be used offline, meaning should a user lose wifi or data for any reason, they will remain checked in.

*Users can download the new version, which will automatically replace existing versions.


Users on Apple iPhone’s may need to delete their current version of the app and reinstall this, as there is an issue with the app stores new IOS.

Using a new app can be tricky as we all know no phone is the same. We are sometimes contacted by users about their particular phone connecting to a site and if the application causes any battery drain.

Its important users allow permissions so the app will work properly and locate our purpose designed sensors. Here are some youtube videos on how to configure your app correctly to allow for this:

We’ve worked hard to keep battery drain down, so the Forsite App now uses less battery than downloading a song from YouTube, something we’re really proud of.

We’ll make starting off easier for you by being here to help when needed, just let us know on our online chat line on the Forsite Portal or @customersupport@forsitenz.com