Reduce Risk

with Forsite

Site Hazards

Easily update your hazards at any time, via the online portal.

In order to check-in, contractors must confirm they have viewed, acknowledged and accepted the current hazards.


Get full compliance and visibility of site inductions.

Enforce inductions by requiring  a completed induction in order to check-in.

New induction requirements are automatically implemented across all your contractors.

Three things that should keep property managers awake at night.

Lone worker protection

Get an early warning indicator of lone worker incidents.

Upon arrival, the contractor specifies how long they will be on site.

If they don’t check out, leave, or extend within 10 minutes, their company admin and your site admin are immediately notified.

Site evacuation

In an evacuation event, activate the evacuation alert function on the Forsite portal. Forsite will send an evacuation alarm to all devices on site.

Even if the device is on silent, an audible alarm will sound that will increase in volume.

Get total visibility of who has acknowledged the alarm and whether they have left the site.