Automate contractor health and safety

There’s a better way to manage contractors at your commercial sites. Forsite enables property and facility managers to increase efficiency and reduce risk.

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How do you manage compliance across your portfolio?

With so much on the go, health and safety compliance can sometimes become an afterthought for property professionals.

Manual compliance processes are problematic.

Time consuming

Incomplete compliance

No visibility

Why Forsite?


Reduce risk

Ensure all personnel are safe and compliant creating awareness of site rules, hazards, and regulations.


Improve efficiency

Reduce paperwork and increase productivity by digitising inductions to save time and cost. 

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Protect lone workers

Get early warnings of lone worker incidents through email alerts.

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Improve operational visibility

Gain a comprehensive and live summary of site activity without leaving your desk or home.  


Digitise inductions

Save time by enabling inductions 24/7 from users phones.

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Manage permits

Remotely manage and automate the permit process saving hours of manual processing.

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Some Property Managers we help 

Mason Partners

Mason Partners are a customer centric agency, they are striving to be the best, and are investing in the latest tech tools to give them the competitive advantage that will take them there.

White City Place

A shining star in Savills’ London portfolio, with over 1m sq ft of office space the team knew they needed a smart solution to manage the multitude of maintenance work occurring across the site. 

Precision Group

In an increasingly fast-paced and connected business world, identifying technologies that help a company stay ahead of the curve is crucial to ongoing success.


Reduce contractor check-in time

Forsite detects the contractor’s arrival to site and proactively prompts them to check-in via our App on their smartphone.

The contractor goes directly to and from the point of work saving time and money. No need to visit a check-in point.



Unparalleled remote visibility

Utilise a live activity feed with user compliance data enabling you to manage health and safety from anywhere.

View any users that are on site and not checked in to ensure compliance.



Manage better, manage more

Dramatically reduce compliance administrative time by digitising and centrally managing site information.

Hazards, inductions, and site access can all be managed through the portal. 

Free up time to focus on value-adding projects.


Build stronger supplier partnerships

Validate contractor invoices against automated attendance logs or report on compliance for each of your suppliers.

This creates an easy indicator of valued suppliers to further work with across your portfolio. 

See how Forsite works

See Forsite in acton

Our Geo³ solution really transforms contractor compliance. Never before has 100% visibility and compliance been so easy.

Take a look at how this solution can impact your business in our walkthrough video.

How much is manual compliance costing you?

The costs of manual compliance can be hidden, try our cost calculator to estimate yours. 

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