Unlock the Forsite value in Procore

Field productivity – Automatically populate Procore Manpower logs with accurate data from Forsite attendance logs.

Quality and safety – Easy mobile check-in, inductions and hazard management.


Spend less time inputting data

Access to accurate project data and information is a real strength of the Procore system, allowing stakeholders to make better project decisions faster.

This integration creates more automation for Site Managers by automatically pushing worker attendance data from Forsite into Procore. Save hours of manual entry time and remove the risk of human error for your Manpower log entries.


Improve your onsite safety process

Digitise your health and safety process and deliver all required materials to workers mobiles at check in. Moving to a digital check in solution for inductions, hazards and permits delivers a few key benefits:

Improved efficiency – Eliminate bottlenecks at central check in points and in-person inductions from your compliance process.

Proof of compliance Protect yourself with automated and easily accessible records.

Complete visibility –  Identify your onsite compliance gaps with automated escalations and a live activity feed. 

Our features

Digitised Inductions

Users self-induct on their mobile device, saving 30 minutes per induction on average.

Hazard Management

Enable users to raise hazards in the app. Review and accept hazards to make them viewable to users at check in. 

Permit Management

Digitised permits sent directly to a user’s mobile phone on arrival. Request and approval workflows enable easy permit management.

Contactless Process

Helping to protect sites from Covid-19. 

Powerful Reporting

Enable your users to add a work order number when checking in. Great for quick and easy validation of invoicing.


Raise tasks for contractors to pick up and complete onsite. Easily monitor task completion.

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