Recently the Forsite team was very privileged to be named as finalists in New Zealand’s 2017 Innovation awards. The team went to the Viaduct awards centre on Thursday the 19th and mingled with 700 odd innovation believers and experts.

The Innovation awards was a fantastic evening, even if it was over shadowed by the election coalition announcement.

It was a terrific collective of the energy, enthusiasm and creative entrepreneurism of New Zealand Inc. The group aptly demonstrated that New Zealand’s innovation continues, which is heartening. Without using the ‘D’ word we are undeniably living in a period of rapid change and the ongoing innovation from existing and new business is paramount to New Zealand’s economic productivity and prosperity.

Peter Beck (Rocket Labs CEO), was unsurprisingly one of the key winners on the night and we and the entirely audience whole-heartily congratulate Peter for his vision and execution.

His message when speaking about the challenge for New Zealand businesses is not to create the next million-dollar enterprise but the next billion-dollar enterprise was spot on and well received by the audience.

For our team the experience was invaluable. Whilst Forsite was not a winner on the night, it refreshed the commitment of the Forsite team, that we must continue to innovate and continue to provide uniqueness. Forsite shall continue to focus on innovation to push the boundaries, challenge the norms and continually explore and uncover new ways we can add value and safety to those who work in or on property.