Most companies still waste money on these things

We continue to be amazed how companies waste money (time=money) when automation is so easy to set up these days. Here is a few manual check in health and safety processes that we commonly see companies still enduring.

Filling manual documents

Any paper process creates manual filling workload for administrative teams. Companies that use paper inductions or sign-in sheets spend hours scanning, sorting, and filling to ensure they meet compliance standards.

Inefficient supplier check ins

A process that requires suppliers to visit a central check in point wastes their time and your money. If the workers are unfamiliar with the building, they can spend 20 -30 minutes finding the correct central check in point. Our client Precision Properties were previously experiencing this, when their contractors had to travel to the 22nd floor to check in.

In person inductions

For most sites, delivering in person inductions should be something of the past. If you’re managing several sites, completing an in-person induction creates significant time costs if you must travel to deliver the induction. We find that on average each induction costs 30mins in admin time.

Reconciling documents

In the unfortunate case of an incident on one of your properties or sites, it’s likely that an audit will have to take place. If you are using manual or paper-based compliance systems, this will probably create some significant costs. Incorrect storage or large paper trails can mean that health and safety teams must spend weeks or months locating the correct documents.

Excessive contact with suppliers

There are many times where site managers need to find out who was onsite after works have been completed. When using manual systems to operate it can be very inefficient to figure out the information they need. Time can be wasted calling suppliers, reviewing paper documents, or contacting the wrong person. This was very apparent for the team at Precinct Properties who could wait up to a week to hear back from their suppliers.


If you’re spending time on one or more of these processes worry not! Many companies that we now help came to us with similar concerns. Digitising your check in health and safety can reduce all these inefficiencies with smart automation and presence detection. Get in touch if you want to improve efficiency and enable your team to focus on more value adding activities.

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