Protect Lone Workers

Make your HSE lone worker policies practical and effective. Our unique combination of a mobile-based app and location sensors deliver automatic escalation of suspected emergencies.

Why it matters?

The law requires employers to consider carefully, and then deal with, any specific health and safety risks for people working alone. This includes ensuring safe working arrangements including effective, proactive monitoring.

Establishing a healthy and safe working environment for lone workers can be very different from safeguarding other employees. Risks of injury, accidents and health emergencies are higher when a worker has no other support or supervision.

This includes a heightened risk of attacks, with the British Crime Survey statistics indicated as many as 150 workers are attacked every day.

Providing care, and duty of care for those who need it…

Property managers

Achieve proactive monitoring for contractors, and yourself while lone working on your sites.


Contractors are reassured that wherever they are, at whatever time, if something goes wrong, you’ve got their back.

Service providers

 Get better visibility of staff safety. Fulfilling both HSE law and helping companies put their people first.


Give tenants reassurance that safety is paramount in their building.

How Forsite helps

Time on-site

Forsite automatically detects a worker’s mobile on arrival. The worker must acknowledge risks and advise how long they will be on site.

15 minutes before their exit time they are prompted to check out or extend their time. If they leave the building Forsite automatically checks them out avoiding a false escalation.

If workers are entering a hazardous environment they can use this feature as a “time based dead man switch” to ensure someone is aware of an accident quickly.


If a worker fails to leave site or extend their time on site after the 15 minute warning period our system automatically escalates to their manager, followed by the site admin.

Escalations are received on the activity feed page of the portal as well as being sent via email. Giving your workers peace of mind in lone situations.

“My favourite feature is the failure to check out alert, if I’ve got contractors doing dangerous jobs, like fixing a roof, I need to know if they’ve failed to finish on time so I can check on their safety”

Simi Mukherjee

PMG Group Facilites Manager