A year at Forsite


The start of 2020 has not been too kind to many organisations but has been great for some. I thought it would be good to share a bit about why I have enjoyed working for Forsite the past year.

Forsite focuses explicitly on health & safety, covering different elements and processes that keep contractors, staff, and lone workers safe in our clients’ buildings.

If you step back and think about when you arrive at work and start your day, you probably aren’t thinking that you may have an accident or may not be able to reach someone while working alone. Many think arriving and leaving safely without anything bad happening is a given, but the reality is we never really know the importance of something until we are faced with the consequences.

Although Forsite cannot prevent accidents from happening, our solutions are used by building managers to reduce risks, provide safe working policies, and raise the alarm in the event of an accident.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do, and I have gained so much knowledge from working in this industry that I can apply to everyday life.

I work in the customer facing team. We support, train, and configure our clients’ sites. It is very rewarding to feel that you have put something in place to aid the safety of other people in their working environment.

Our UK team is a tight group of committed people. We have the pleasure of working with our amazing head office team in New Zealand. When I first started a year ago, I thought it would be strange working with a team that is mainly based on the other side of the world. However, our regular virtual catch-ups enable us to be just as effective as working in an office would be. As most of us will know with the current pandemic, the new norm has become working from home which we were already prepared for. The distance from our team in New Zealand has not stopped us from creating great bonds with them.

From staff development to employee support, the management team are all very approachable and easy to speak to and I feel like I have developed a strong positive working relationship with them. It is very refreshing to be able to contribute and grow your own space within a company. I feel like a very valued member of the team.

Forsite is a great company to work for and I look forward to the next year ahead!

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