How South Africa drove past the rest

Nov 4, 2019 | Articles, Featured articles big data, Uncategorized

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While All Blacks fans in New Zealand will be consoling themselves with their team’s well-earned bronze medal in the Rugby World Cup finals this week, the glory of victory is fully deserved by Grand Final winners South Africa. Their decisive performance and resounding success fully vindicate the approach taken by coach Rassie Erasmus, which was: simplify and focus on what you are good at.

A few years ago, if the South African team had been a business, most investors may well have walked right past them. While they managed to take bronze in the 2015 tournament, it also included a surprise defeat by Japan, and it was uncertain how they could regain the glory days of a decade ago. However, a new coach and a fresh approach that stripped their game right back to basics have brought the team back to the top. If they were a business now, the queue of investors would be stretching far around the corner.

Erasmus’ new approach required an initial investment of trust and generated a fair amount of criticism from stakeholders and players alike – particularly considering their early tournament match loss against New Zealand. But, as with any fresh endeavour a new approach may be uncomfortable at first – even a struggle. However, once it delivers the results you want, you may wonder how you survived without it.

The confidence to play against the grain and somewhat disrupt the current trend of running rugby enlisted by majority of the top tier teams is where South Africa really gained an edge. While most will never set foot on the field, a lot can be taken from these disruptive techniques and applied to decisions to gain a similar advantage in the property industry today.

Much like the stagnating strategical trends within international rugby, the property industry is at a tipping point, where disruptive thinking and progressive decision can gain an advantage. In this example, the ‘disruptor’ being the adoption of technology, and those who are committing to progressive tech strategy within their business model are benefitting.

Improvements in energy efficiency, tenancy satisfaction, and cost forecasting are just some of the many benefits that early adopters of technology are enjoying by being willing to operate against the grain, much like Rassie.

At Forsite, we see our solution as the new approach to business that property managers need to become winners. We want to turbo-boost your property business by giving you the confidence and reassurance that comes from knowing fully what is going on in your business. At its heart, Forsite’s solution is also a back-to-basics approach –utilising today’s technology to streamline and simplify that most ancient of relationships between the manager and contractor.

Like a well-coordinated team, the elements of Forsite’s solution also work together to ensure smooth operations for property managers. The key principle that led to South Africa’s success is the same one that guides Forsite’s solution. It could be the ‘new coach’ that your business has been looking for, allowing you to simplify and focus on what you are good at.

Contact us today to find out how Forsite’s solution can be the new approach your property management business needs to succeed.

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