Accident-prone workers? Build safer sites with streamlined hazard management.

Manage, record & review site hazards remotely

Make safety proactive, not reactive

Focus on effective hazard reporting to reduce the need for incident management. Utilise flexible options to raise and manage hazards to stay on top of the dynamic risks on your sites.

Reduce incidents – Good awareness is the best form of prevention. Make sure everyone views live hazards at check-in.

Easy to manage – Receive, review and approve user reported hazards with a few clicks. 

Reduce compliance workload – Eliminate paper processing, spreadsheets and on-site visits from your hazard management process.

Flexible reporting

Pick up on more by enabling users to report hazards in the app or admins to add them in the portal.

Add photos

Allow users to add photos when raising hazards so they are quick and easy to recognise.

Manage status

Only display live hazards to users by updating status in the portal.

Add new hazards from within the app

Contractors can raise new hazards immediately through the Forsite app. Add photos and detailed descriptions to a new Hazard notice.

Flag new hazards as varying levels of priority.

Acknowledge the daily hazard register

Require all contractors to acknowledge the site hazard register within the app upon check-in. Ensure site visitors are compliant and informed of safety risks on-site.

Maintain high levels of on-site awareness by pushing new and high priority hazards to the top of your safety register.


Add, manage and approve hazards remotely

Our technology means no waiting in line, and no paperwork when it comes to reporting and managing hazards. Use the Forsite portal to view a summary of all current and past site hazards.

Approve contractor submitted hazards before they go live to the hazard register, and add new site hazards immediately from within the portal.  

Learn more about hazards

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