Make people safer.  Anywhere.  Introducing Geoplus.

Geoplus solution

By leveraging geolocation technology and proprietary algorithms our Geoplus solution can provide enhanced safety awareness, visibility and smart automation for compliance. Geoplus is a proactive solution to improve safety for your people, no matter where they go.


Configure flexible sites and areas

Risk can be fluid. Easily configure your sites within the portal to ensure that no site is left out of your health and safety process.


Easy check-in

Enable people to complete their H&S check-in, including induction, on the Forsite app in a matter of minutes. 

Require users to complete inductions, view hazards and estimate time on-site as part of your check-in process. 


Set site hazards

Ensure users are aware of hazards they may encounter within an area.

Hazards must be viewed and acknowledged during the check-in process, ensuring your people are safer.


A visual overview

Know where people are when they are checked-in through a map view of user location, safety and compliance status.



Make data driven decisions

Leverage accurate data streams to make more informed decisions and forecast future expenditure. 

Gain a quick overview on a dashboard or export data for in-depth analysis. 


In case of emergency 

In an evacuation event, activate the evacuation alert function on the Forsite portal. Forsite will send an evacuation alarm to all devices on site.

Even if the device is on silent, an audible alarm will sound that will increase in volume.

Get total visibility of who has acknowledged the alarm and whether they have left the site.

Who is Geoplus for?

Field Workers

Easily monitor and manage your people’s safety in the field.

Health and Safety Managers

Compliance made manageable to keep your people safer. 

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