This month signals the start of the new financial year for many Kiwi businesses, Forsite included. The new year is an opportunity to reflect on what’s been working well and what companies could be doing better or more of. 

The team at Forsite have spent a bit of time not only looking at the huge progress we’ve made to date, but at what you – our clients – want more of and how we can better meet your needs. 

So, here’s what we are doing daily to make managing property easier: 

Online site inductions 

Called Induct Me the Forsite online inductions are fully up and running. Induct Me ensures the following: 

– All contractors are inducted for initial visit to site. 

– At the expiry of that induction contractors get re-inducted. 

– If there are changes to the site contractors are also re-inducted with new site hazards and info. 

With Forsite’s Induct Me feature Facilities Managers can dynamically manage the site-specific induction to be current and valid at all times. This catch-all feature of Forsite means it can been configured to ensure contractors can only check into site by having an existing induction or self-inducting by reading the current info and confirming their understanding of it. 

The key benefits of Induct Me include the following: 

– Significantly reduces, if not eliminates, the risk of a contractor entering the site without having the access to the latest site information. 

– Coupled with the dynamic hazard register this means very close to 100% contractors have remarkably close to 100% awareness of all known hazards at any point in time. 

– Danger and risk of previously unknown hazards should be greatly reduced. 

– The time taken to induct contractors compared to manual processes should also be greatly reduced. 

– Facilities Managers and Site Admins will spend less time on paper work and managing contractor inductions. 

– A job that might have been too hard to practically manage, should now be efficient to manage. 

As always would love to hear your thoughts. 

Cheers Simon. 

Co-founder and CEO, Forsite.