We’ve been very busy at Forsite this last quarter, preparing some great new features for the app which are going to solve some key issues we’ve been hearing about, and make managing your teams much easier and more efficient. 

First up is the new ‘Register Me’ function, which is live. This tool allows contractors to register themselves through the app once they have arrived on site, which saves work for the site manager having to follow up on everyone. When contractors arrive for the first time at a site, service providers simply ask the contractor to download the app, and they then register and allocate themselves to the service provider company. From there, contractors receive a password setup email to complete login and set-up, and they are good to go! It’s a very simple solution, which will reduce the amount of time all parties need to spend collecting details. 

Another new feature, Document Upload, is now available through the Forsite web portal. This tool allows site managers to upload and save any documents that are relevant to a particular project in the one place. Previously, our portal only allowed upload of induction and permit documents, so this expanded service will allow Site Admins and Service Providers to upload certifications and other important documents, safe in the knowledge they are all stored securely on our AWS platform. From here, all users can access the documents, allowing for faster exchange of information as needed. Document storage is a service that’s been increasing in demand, so we are pleased to now make it fully available to our users. 

Finally, a small but vital new feature that is live is the ‘I’m not working on site’ button. This is useful designation for contractors working on projects situated in public places such as shopping centres, where you may be legitimately not working for the site manager – such as at a lunch break. By simply tapping the button on the app, you can notify Forsite that you are not working on-site, and it will halt all escalations – thereby saving potential confusion for site managers who need to keep track of contractors. It’s a simple fix for a simple, but all too common problem. 

Remember! As we are always pushing through new updates and bug fixes like the ones outlined above, it’s important for all users of the Forsite app to keep the ‘Auto-Update’ function switched on otherwise updates can’t happen, and new features will not work. Ensuring your Forsite app is kept up-to-date will mean you are always getting the full scope of services available, and that we can properly diagnose any new issues. 

Remember we also now have a user Helpdesk which you can contact at any time to get help for any issues you have with the Forsite app, without having to bother your site manager. We usually have three people on the Helpdesk at most times, as well as live chat on the website, so don’t hold back! No question is a silly question, and no issue is too big or small. It’s all about making the product work well, so call us, and we’ll be happy to help. 

At Forsite, we pride ourselves on our customer service and hope these new services and updates continue to improve your experience of the Forsite app. Let’s keep in touch!