Forsite 5.1.0 – Photos & notes for Tasks, improved location flexibility

The latest version of the Forsite App 5.1.0 is now available. This update brings site managers greater visibility of job completion with new additions to Tasks, along with improved location flexibility.

“The new additions in Forsite 5.1.0 will make supplier management dead easy. We are excited to make onsite job instructions clear for users while giving site managers complete visibility of job completion.” – Nathan Cheeseman, CEO, Forsite.


Photos & notes for Tasks

Users can now add photos and notes to their assigned tasks through the Forsite app. Adding this gives site managers and users simple two way communication, making it easy for suppliers to raise an issue or send photo confirmation of a job. This gives remote managers surety of job completion, saving time and stress when working with suppliers. Learn more about Tasks.

Sites with no location required

Forsite now provides the option to allow check-in even when a user has set their location access to “never”. This gives increased flexibility to the site manager to determine what level of presence detection they require.

“No location sites will be a helpful option for site managers that have low-risk sites and contractors that don’t want to share their onsite data.” – Sarah Yock, Head of Product, Forsite.


QR code & webform check in

Visitors and contractors that are unable to download the Forsite app or forget their phones will be able to scan a site specific QR code and check in through an online webform, this can also be displayed via a tablet on-site for multi user sign in. This will bring the level of data capture for people onsite even closer to 100% and give you more flexibility in your compliance.


If you want to learn more about this update get in touch for a quick demo.

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