Forsite 5.0: Introducing Tasks, Configurable Presence Detection & Improved App Navigation

Forsite 5.0 is our biggest update ever. We are excited to add the ability to raise tasks for contractors to pick up, Configurable Presence Detection for sites and an improved app look & feel. Forsite 5.0 combines powerful safety functionality with added flexibility to give managers control over their process.

“The new app layout and styling in Forsite 5.0 is a game changer. It makes health and safety so easy its almost fun.” – Nathan Cheeseman.


Tasks eliminates long email threads, multiple phone calls and site visits. Managers can raise tasks within the portal for contractors to view and accept when they check-in. The ability to view live task status in the Forsite portal gives managers powerful visibility of job status, no matter where they are. It eliminates wasted time contacting people who have completed jobs for updates, enabling managers to focus on those who haven’t.

“Keeping up with what jobs have and haven’t been completed wastes an incredible amount of time and energy. We are giving that energy back to property and site managers, so they can focus it in better areas.”  – Nathan Cheeseman

Learn more about tasks here.

Configurable Presence Detection

We are pleased to introduce additional options on how contractors are detected onsite. Site Managers will now have the freedom to choose between Auto Presence Detection or User Initiated Presence Detection on their sites. This flexibility allows Site Managers to configure a process that works for their people.

“Our support team has received lots of feedback around location flexibility. This update gives the power to site admins to create a process that works best for them.” – Sarah Yock

If you want to know more about configuring a successful process for your health and safety have a quick call with our team.

New Look App

The improved design and layout of the Forsite app makes onsite health and safety easy. The introduction of a bottom bar and a new side menu makes navigation simpler and clearer for everyone involved.



Photos for Hazards

App users and managers will be able to add photos to a hazard when raising it in the Forsite app.

“A picture paints a thousand words.  With hazards we know that photos provide clarity and keep people safer. Coming very soon to an update near you…” – Nathan Cheeseman

As always we can’t wait to hear your feedback on all the new functionality, so let us know how it’s working for you!

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