Easy Deployment

with Forsite

Let us do the hard work for you

Easy installation 

Installing Forsite sensors is as simple as removing the tape and sticking them above the doorways your contractors use.

Sensors are battery operated and pre-configured.

Batteries last 3 years and we remotely monitor your battery life, sending out new sensors well before they expire.

Translating existing process 

Provide us with your site induction information and processes and we’ll translate that into a workflow within Forsite.

This includes your access points, hazards, egress points, permits, induction materials etc. We set everything up as part of our onboarding.

Onboarding Support 

We take the stress out of onboarding by introducing service providers to Forsite and train their contractors.

We provide online chat and support through our customer enablement team, making it easy for anyone to get up and running.

Easy to use for contractors

Forsite is so easy to use, more than 50% of contractors never need our help. They self-register and complete their first check-in without any need to contact us at all.

The Forsite App has useful features for contractors (eg maps and directions and lone worker protection).

Valued by service providers

Service providers appreciate the operational visibility Forsite provides them.

They rest easier knowing their staff are safe on your sites.

To find out why service providers value Forsite:

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