Delivering better service with tech

The team at Nirvana is going from strength to strength thanks to its value-based approach in the residential maintenance market. By implementing smart tech into their operations they are continuing to over-deliver during a period fraught with challenges. As one of their software providers, we have been thrilled to work with their team optimising on site health and safety. Our UK Country Manager, Guy Adderley virtually sat down with Nirvana CEO and Founder Darren Waitson to discuss their backgrounds and how they have kept moving through COVID-19. Here’s some highlights below.  

Guy – Hi Darren, great to connect and get a snapshot of what drives the team at Nirvana Maintenance.

So, what led you to get into the block management services sector?

Darren – I had worked in construction style environments as an apprentice and then qualified electrician but found the culture far too aggressive and not focused on quality but typically on cost. I have always had a passion for customer service, building relationships and trust so when I saw a gap in the residential block management sector for a customer focused supplier – it made so much sense to build a business solely operating in that sector.

We’re constantly on the hunt for technology solutions that can improve our operations and were blown away when we found Forsite. So how did this solution come about?

Guy – The original idea of Forsite was conceived 5 years ago by Co- Founder and CEO, Simon Yock. Being a commercial building owner himself, he was looking for a remote way to ensure that contractors were compliant on his sites. He quickly realised there were minimal solutions to fulfil this need and none that could ensure 100% compliance. Shortly after he identified this need, Forsite was formed. By leveraging smartphone apps, geolocation and sensors the solution delivered unparalleled accuracy and automation to on site health and safety management.

We know the team at Nirvana is always looking for solutions to optimise your service. What are the main benefits you and your clients enjoy from Nirvana’s prop-tech stance?

Darren – We are always looking to lead from the front rather than follow so PropTech is most definitely important at Nirvana. Over the last 2-3 years we have invested heavily in our reporting systems, tracking systems and making sure our clients are involved and benefit from those processes. An awful lot of that tech is based on improving the perception of suppliers and really providing 360-degree access to how we operate. Transparency is key.  It isn’t just about having the best technology but making sure that technology improves and adds value to our client’s professional lives.  We feel we do this extremely well.

Guy – We all know that COVID-19 has been a huge accelerant for implementing technology for safer business operations. As a service provider, how have you and your team found implementing these new technologies?

Darren – We have actually been very fortunate that our systems enabled us to adapt very quickly to the changes COVID-19 brought. Our forward-thinking approach led to us closing our office (which is now permanently closed) very easily and it was pretty seamless. I knew we were ahead of the curve in that sense but the ease of it did surprise me. Of course, moving forwards technology will play an even more important part of our operations and part of that is why we have chosen to partner with Forsite – keeping our clients, residents, operatives and the wider community safe has never been so important.

Darren – Forsite poses a unique solution for the challenges of COVID-19. What kinds of industries are gaining the most out of your technology at the moment? and why?

Yes that’s correct, and we are proud to support safe business operations during the pandemic! The indiscriminate nature of COVID-19 has meant that Forsite has peaked interest in a broad range of industries, but perhaps the most within the construction industry. The need for this sector to bounce back safely has driven demand for smart and easy to implement solutions to improve on site COVID-19 safety. Forsite offers a 100% contactless way to complete, automate, and remotely manage contractor compliance which fundamentally reduces transmission risks on site. We have specialised in contractor management for over 5 years so look forward to hearing from anyone that can use our help during these unique times.

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