Take proactive steps to operate safely 

Our battle


As alert levels are eased many people are once again coming and going from sites. Creating undue risks for your staff and business.


We need to be able to accurately identify who is at greater risk of being infectious/ infected with Covid-19, without a full medical test.

Surface transmission

The highly contagious nature of Covid-19 and how it exists on surfaces means this needs to occur in a contactless manner.

Gain remote visibility of your sites

As transmission risks still affect our daily lives, enable your team to work from home with the confidence of 100% visibility of all on site activity.

The solution

Forsite is a cloud-based mobile app providing safety solutions which delivers against these problems, giving site managers and service providers the confidence of complete control.

Automated proof of presence

A Forsite app user arriving to your building is identified arriving and departing automatically, removing the need and risk of physical signing in sheets or staff to ensure they have arrived or departed safely.

Reduce human contact on site

By automating proof of presence on site for all users, the amount of in-person health and safety processes is dramatically reduced.

Automated risk assessment 

By delivering to that person’s phone our Covid-19 risk assessment form, without contact, and without medical supplies, we are effective contact sourcing – who is at risk, who is likely to be infectious and which other parties could they be conducting this to.

Entirely contactless management

As a mobile phone-based solution, each person has no physical need to touch anything else to complete this process, thus it occurs in a purely contactless manner.

See Forsite in acton

Our solution really transforms health and safety management. Never before has 100% visibility and automated compliance been so easy.

Take a look at how this solution can impact your business in our walkthrough video.

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