Safely return to operation

in the Covid climate

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We are excited to announce a partnership between Forsite and Credenxia. Together we can offer the most automated and complete solution to get your business back to operations.

Automated contactless compliance 


Automate the validation process with a biometric facial check, confirmed against a government-issued ID.


Limit the transmission of Covid-19 at your sites by automating proof of presence, creating 100% accurate logs to be used in case of an outbreak.


Easily access a live digitised credential framework for staff returning to work. Data may be displayed from both international antibody testing and our Covid-19 risk assessment form.


Automate and validate the induction process for staff. Reducing human contact on site and ensuring staff and visitors operate within new health and safety guidelines.


Don’t take any risks with returning staff. Automate and validate the permit process, so staff are refreshed and qualified for dangerous work.


As a mobile-based solution, this solution occurs in a completely contactless manor. Reducing surface transmission risks.

Implement our COVID-19 solution within two weeks, helping you operate safely. 

UK property managers, want to know where you stand?

Secretary of State at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) confirmed recently that contractors should continue to work on site to ensure the maintenance of buildings for fire safety and sanitation reasons and for cladding remediation works to continue, provided the work is done in accordance with Public Health England guidance.

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