Coronavirus cost management

It’s strange to think of the story of COVID-19 a few weeks ago. What started off a relatively isolated and acute issue now has the world in its grip, and it’s tightening. The medical risks of the virus mean unprecedented global “physical distancing“.  The trickledown effect of COVID-19 will affect all sectors.

So, what can you do to minimise the impact on your commercial portfolio?

Get better visibility of your site costs

Gaining visibility of every outgoing penny will be key. For commercial property managers, this means gaining a better grasp of operational costs.

Forsite offers property professionals the ability to gain 100% visibility of all maintenance activates occurring on site, thereby helping you remotely keep track costs on site.

How do we achieve this?

Our automated proof of presence solution utilises smartphones, sensors and geolocation.  We automatically log the exact time a maintenance provider enters and leaves the site without any human error, contact or opt-in. This provides property managers portfolio-wide visibility of all maintenance activity through an easy to use portal. Property managers then have actionable insights into what parts of their buildings are costing more to maintain along with what maintenance staff are giving them the best return.


Minimise costs for your sites

Minimising costs will be a default reaction for all industries. With cost visibility for building operations in place minimising them becomes realistic.

Our solution can help you to reduce costs and maximise efficiency.

Attendance logs give property managers the ability to validate invoices of maintenance work from contractors, checking against the logged time. This data can also help property managers gain a deeper understanding of the value of their service agreements with providers.

Automating inductions means you don’t have to spend your time commuting to various sites inducting contractors, but instead spend your time on value adding projects.

Contractor self-check-in allows contractors to check-in through their phone when arriving on site. They don’t have to visit a central check-in point or have any human contact to check-in, allowing them to get the job completed faster. This is more cost effective for you and them, as they can get more jobs completed in a day.

If you’re wanting to protect your commercial asset for the future get in touch with the team at Forsite be fully up and running within four weeks.

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