Contractor and operational staff availability

Mar 23, 2020

As China has finally been successful in limiting their number of new COVID-19 cases the rest of the worlds are growing exponentially. In effort to reduce community transmission it’s likely that schools will have to be shut down in the near future. While this will be effective in reducing the spread, it will also have an effect in the availability of staff as people will have to care for their children.

Most properties are reliant on an army of contractors, cleaners and other maintenance staff to ensure their buildings are kept. With some commercial tenants required to come into the office for essential manual processes, the need for a sanitary and clean environment will be imperative. Due to the current climate, it’s possible that your maintenance teams show up to the site understaffed and aren’t able to complete the job to the required level.

So, as a property manager how will you know what members of your operations workforce have not been able to make it into work?


Gain immediate visibility of contractor absenteeism

Automating visibility of contractors on site allows property managers to know who has, and by elimination who hasn’t been on site. This gives property managers the ability to follow up with service providers and contractors to appropriately account and plan for absentee’s.

Without the reliance of human contact, opt-in or error we can provide 100% accuracy of time on site for all registered contractors, ensuring property managers are kept in the loop of contractors availability.

Attendance logs give property managers the ability to remotely review contractors attendance within our easy to use portal.

How do we achieve this?

Our solution utilises smartphones, sensors, and geo-location to automate proof of presence for contractors on site. As their presence is registered their time of entry and exit is also logged. This data is viewable through our portal for both property managers and service providers managers. Keeping everyone in the loop of contractor availability.

If you’re wanting visibility of contractor availability over the coming months get in touch with the team at Forsite and onboard our product within four weeks.

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