Automate onsite health and safety

There’s an easier way to manage compliance at construction sites. Forsite utilises smartphones, sensors, and automation to deliver contactless and comprehensive onsite process.

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How do you manage contractor

check in and checkout?

Achieving visibility of who is onsite when managing multiple suppliers can be difficult.

The value of Forsite

Moving to our automated, digital process provides great value for construction managers.

Better cost management – Utilise accurate onsite data to validate supplier invoicing.

Proof of compliance – Protect yourself with automated and easily accessible records.

Increased efficiency – Eliminate paper processing and duplicated work from your H&S workload. 

See the journey of your workforce on-site

With Auto Presence Detection

Remotely manage your H&S

Dramatically reduce compliance admin time and gain real-time onsite visibility from anywhere.

Manage health and safety for multiple projects with confidence.


Powerful solution for Procore customers

Designed to improve site efficiency and safety for Site Managers using Procore. Our integration brings the value of Forsite’s accurate onsite attendance data and safety functionality to Procore customers. 


Reduce check in time

Eliminate the need for central check in points. With Auto Presence detection turned on, users that arrive onsite are identified then automatically prompted to check in.

This improves efficiency and data capture when moving from physical systems.


Validate supplier invoicing

Reconcile contractor invoices against confirmed time onsite with ‘one version of the truth’ attendance logs.  

This creates an easy indicator to better manage project costs.


Stay ahead of hazards

Enable users to take photos of hazards and raise them in the app. Review and accept hazards to make them viewable to users at check in. 

Improve safety awareness on your sites with an accurate and easy hazard management system.


“Before Forsite, we were delivering inductions in person, wasting up to 2 hours a day of our site manager’s valuable time. We chose Forsite because we loved the automation element so our contractors don’t need to remember to do anything. They’re prompted to sign in when they arrive and they have to complete their induction to sign in. We can easily keep them updated on the site risks using the Hazards feature, meaning our sites are safer all round.”

James Brackenbury, Director


“At Martin Grant Homes, we were actively looking for a smarter way of signing in and delivering inductions. We chose Forsite because it’s technology enables us to automatically identify arrivals and departures. Accurate time and attendance reporting is vital in making sure our staff and contractors are safe and compliant on site and the time saved on daily admin will hugely benefit the business.”

Ian Wand, Health & Safety Manager

Key features

Digitised Inductions

Users self-induct on their mobile device, saving 30 minutes per induction on average.

Attendance Records

View and download time onsite. See records of every user who has checked in and out plus their total time at your sites.

Hazard Management

Enable users to take photos of hazards and raise them in the app. Review and accept hazards to make them viewable to users at check in. 

Contactless Process

Helping to protect sites from Covid-19. 

Powerful Reporting

Enable your users to add a work order number when checking in. Great for quick and easy validation of invoicing.

Document Management

Centrally manage and deploy relevant H&S documents, direct to users. 

How does it stack up? 

All solutions approach compliance management differently. It’s important to find a solution that works best for your project.

Easy to implement on sites of any scale or complexity

Multiple sensor based entry and exit points reduce bottlenecks and transmission risks for your workforce.


“I know our contractors are on site, safe and compliant as soon as they enter the building, and within 20 seconds they can access the full hazard register.”

Elese Deakin – Precision Group

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