Avoiding person-to-person contact

The number one priority right now is to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The more we can avoid community transmission early on, the more lives that will be saved.  Hence we have suddenly become familiar with “physical distancing” and “social isolation”.

This behavioral change could be difficult for traditional property managers. “Physical distancing” doesn’t fall within the usual description of the job, as managers usually partake in site visits and a large amount of human contact with tenants, operational staff and contractors.

So, as a property manager what can you do to avoid person-to-person contact on your sites while effectively managing your property?


Reduce reliance on human contact for your on site processes

On site compliance processes traditionally involve human contact. This can be inefficient, unreliable and now potentially dangerous. By implementing smart and easy to use technology you can limit the spread of the virus to your people or across your sites.

Forsite is designed to reduce the amount of human contact required in the property manager and contractor relationship.

Contractor self check-in allows contractors to check in through their phone when arriving on site. They don’t have to visit a central check-in point or have any human contact to check-in.

Digitised inductions enables property managers to remotely set and then update induction processes. Our software then automatically sends the required inductions to relevant contractors as they arrive on site. Inductions are traditionally conducted face to face, by property managers and can last up to an hour. By implementing our solution, you can keep your people and their families safe from these obvious risks, while maintaining complete compliance records.

How do we achieve this?

Our automated proof of presence solution utilises smartphones, sensors, and geolocation. This automatically identifies contractors arriving on site and prompts them to check-in through our app. If an induction is required it will be automatically sent to their phone and will prompt them to complete it during the check-in.

If contractors fail to check, their presence is still logged and alerts are sent first to their managers, then the sites’ property manager, giving the site managers the ability to follow up with them remotely. Taking human contact out of the compliance equation.

Get in touch with the team at Forsite and onboard our product within four weeks.

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