3 ways Forsite helps property managers through Covid-19

Mar 25, 2020

We live in unprecedented times.  Nobody really understands the scale of what lies ahead and how significant the ongoing impact of Covid-19 will be.

But there are some certainties we can plan around, and where Forsite can make a fundamental difference to managing commercial properties.

Avoiding person-to-person contact

Forsite dramatically reduces the need for face to face interactions with contractors in two ways.  Firstly, their presence onsite is automatically detected and they are asked to check-in via the Forsite app.  No visiting a central check-in point and person.  Secondly, inductions are remotely updated and automatically required upon check-in if the contractor hasn’t completed a currently valid induction.  No need for Property Managers to actually visit their sites for face to face inductions.

Cost management

In the uncertain economic environment ahead there is going to be an increased focus on costs.  Forsite provides remarkable visibility of actual contractor attendance and exact time onsite.  This will be invaluable as you look to manage costs and suppliers going forward.

Immediate visibility of contractor absenteeism

When contractors can’t perform their duties (whether sick, or self-isolating after coming in contact with someone sick) Forsite gives you excellent visibility of who has, and by elimination hasn’t, been on site.  Staying on top of who has done what and where will become almost impossible.  Forsite tells you who has been on site, so you don’t have to follow up.

Forsite can be implemented, trained and activated remotely.  You can get up and running with visibility and control within a few weeks, without ever having to leave your desk.

Get in touch with us now to find out how Forsite can help you manage your properties better.

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